No Filter

by Young Valley

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Mike Petruccelli
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Mike Petruccelli Some of THE NICEST folks I've had the pleasure of playing with in Chicago. Quality jams and best live show I've seen in a very long time.
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released November 26, 2014


all rights reserved



Young Valley Jackson, Mississippi

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Track Name: The Way It Has To Be
Being mad can make your eyes poor
like the kind of love that makes your chest sore
when there's nothing left to live for
something offers you a hand
Sorry to add to the confusion
But you will probably see me cruising
Just know that's not the problem
It has always been the solution
broke down in Minden at a truck stop
just awaitin' on a black top
someone to offer me an ice pop
but they don't serve those down in hell
that's got to be my biggest fear
to be stuck stranded here
that's why I'm begging you to pick me up
on the hottest damn day of the year

So please don't go out of your way
to mind me
I'll just sit under my lime tree
grab the perfect one to squeeze
realize that it could be that way
but that's the way it has to be

So don't feel bad when you go out and dance
see if those boys will give you half a chance
while you wear yourself a prettier dress
than you would ever wear for me
Where did you put that damn golden crown
it stays lost but it is never found
while they toss and throw you around
think of me laying you down
C'mon baby let's seal our fate
cause I'm tired of feeling second rate
and I want to put my fist through some glass
every time you mention his name
Unlike him I am easy to please
but I can't offer you a diamond ring
but I can give you a sunset
in the state of hospitality
Track Name: A Gentleman By the Name of...
The devil swings a blazer over his left shoulder
we've done more business now than I can remember
a sneer in his grin, a flask tightly gripped in his hand

He's counting every dollar to send to his dealers
saving just a few to buy his smokes with no filters
he's getting his fix tonight
and taking those confident strides

Well, I couldn't help but notice some tears in his eyes
as he passed the ten car train that night
devil may cry when there's no one in sight
but damn what a shame that he's trying to get right
damn what a shame that he's trying to get right
damn what a shame he keeps losing that fight

Struttin' past the turnstile he stopped at the diamond
and under the lightpost his pistol was ashinin'
that handle sitting just above his belt
The devil never shy in any sticky situation
he always played it cool with his ways of persuasion
he's getting his fix tonight
and taking those confident strides
All filled up with shame
but it's overturned by pride
he can't forget his name
no not tonight
Track Name: The Letter
If you know you found your heaven
why do you keep cryin?
That man up in the sky he don't look like he's trying
and you feel wasted, wasted
so damn wasted

And if I wrote you a letter
would you keep it in mind
that cryin over him is a waste of your time
and face it now's your time so don't waste it

It seems to me that drinking looks a lot like drowning
and more each day he likes the way that's sounding
he can taste it, now he's wasted
so damn wasted

broken body, broken soul
but what you've got shines like gold
the road we walk I know
it's long, it's dark, and it's cold
but you'll always find a way
or so I'm told
Track Name: Heartbreaker Like You
Everyone gets tired of standing where they are
you see the same damn people in every single bar
lord I love this town but if I stay I'm nothing
but another heartbreaker like you

I could follow my dreams and live a life on the run
but there ain't a lot of money in the things that I want
my pockets stay empty and the road gets tough
but it's another heartbreaker like you
just another heartbreaker like you

I found myself a lover and she's tender and she's kind
the type of honest woman that's truly hard to find
I know I don't deserve her cause I'll never be true
I'll be another heartbreaker like you
I heard a little talk about a ring around your finger
little band of gold means he'll probably never leave you
so alone I'll make a toast here's to hoping he's a cheater
and another heartbreaker like you
just another heartbreaker like you

I was born a sinner, should've been a saint
could've been a killer and I like it that way
but changing my perspective is a thing I'll never do
I'm another heartbreaker like you
I look towards the sky should I be needing something
knees in the dirt and my hands in the air
but holding out for him's got me waiting here for nothing
he's another heartbreaker like you
Track Name: If You Stayed
If you stayed
you could've had a life with him
you could've been a wife to him
if you stayed

but nowyour days
belong to another man
you never meant to take his hand
but darling now that's changed

I'm not here to say you regret the fall
because it would've happened after all
it's our actions, not our feelings we can change
Sometimes I know that you can't see
I'm hard at work on who I should be
but I hold out for you
if you hold onto me

If you stayed
I'm sure I would've moved along
and sang another girl this song
but you walked away
well love was made
but I never thought it'd last with you
I'd give ever word I had to you
and darlin love was made
Track Name: The Fly
Well the north country weather was killing me
I had to set my sights down south
I bathed in the rivers of Tennessee
just to wash my worries out

I got a big ole mouth I can't keep closed
I got tears that fall like rain
and if I can get out of this damn old town
surely I can forget my name

Well there ain't no use in crying
Mississippi mud won't ever dry
and I'm too young to not die trying
to live my life out on the fly

I played roulette with the interstates
so that I wouldn't lose my head
cause the place I know I can't sit still
is in the comfort of my own bed

blame it on my snake like tongue
blame it on my pride
blame the man I long to be cause
I know now he can't hide

Well you know that sun will rise
and fall just where I need to be
let it take me lord from everything I held so sweet
Track Name: Out Tonight
Morning light bleeds through my blinds
tattooed horizontal lines
run down my face and across the bedroom's floor

Sweat now stains my sheets
Been out walking in my sleep
from the looks of it, I was out there for a while
Can't help but wonder who the hell am I
just where I might end up tonight

Well maybe I'll go out tonight
and find another heart to break
or just see how much more
the one my god gave me can take
When it all goes down it burns so good
enough to make your stomach ache
Well but clarity is the stiffest pour of drink

Well it all takes too much time
sorting out my heart from mind
hell I guess I'm losing a race I thought I'd won
and another drink might do the trick
but it would seem I've lost my sense
of pride of hope and dignity

Oh how the hell did I ever come to be
well a person that could make you feel so empty
Let me break your heart tonight
I said tonight
Track Name: Center Line
Still a hundred miles to go
the way you'll greet me I don't know
fate's made a habit of keeping us apart

With one eye on the road
the other's watching time move slow
I can never find the right place a the right time
but I can get there faster holding that center line

From the second I turn into that
once familiar drive
oh I wonder if your heart still beats the same
I know that I can't win
crippled by your pride
but I'll beg and plead if you will let me try
and if that don't work it's back to that center line

I'll admit at times I'm low
I'm not good at letting go
Baby it's hard for any man to sleep alone
But you'll keep me waiting
and I've been waiting for too damn long
Track Name: LLC
Say those words take me home
cause you know I won't be asking
frightened little pup
all wit but with no guts
and who I am is faded now
I have too much to drink
liar lover cheat
it's a tossup who you'll meet

but where are you lady love
won't you come and pick me up
won't you come and clean me up

I'll play my hand take a chance
dance with women at the bar
it don't matter who you are
you aren't ever getting far
And no I won't keep you long
any time you got will do
just make it something quick and cruel
I've always been your fool
Track Name: Heavyfooted
Well you know you've had enough
if you can hear where he's walking
those feet of his get heavy
and he slurs when he is talking
all them summer nights spent drinking
just to have a story to tell
soon he'll be howling at the moonlight
and giving all the neighbors hell

And these are hard times baby
he don't care about his health
if that bottle looks empty well
he's just being himself
And if the night gets heavy
lay him down easy
be glad he didn't find himself a fight
well no he's just broke the porch light

like a deer inside the headlights
when she walks into a room
in his chair he's getting up
in no position to assume
he'll be a smooth smooth talker
when he can barely walk
most nights he'll come up empty
but tonight boys he'll come up soft

And these are hard times baby
but he don't care about his health
if that bottle looks empty well
he's just being himself
and when the night gets heavy
she'll lay him down easy
looks like he's finally doing something right
cause they're talking dirty in the porchlight

These are hard times baby but
you got to fight for yourself
with that whiskey blood boiling
you don't care about no one else
when the shoves get heavy
sirens come blaring
and everybody stumbles out of sight
now they're turning off the porchlight
Track Name: Runnin' Home
The sweetest voice it calls me
it calls me in the dark
well I guess my dreams coming true
lady hope she's beautiful
I see her in my mind
I close my eyes and picture you

The days will run together
and the nights I don't rest
If I walk while I sleep well the further I'll get
down the road where you lay
down the road where you lay

My shirtsleeves are making
their way up my arm
well I guess I'm growing up
put a tie round my neck
like a noose for the carefree
child that I once was
the blue ridge mountains
or a colorado spring
I don't care where I'll be if you're right here with me
when I wake to the day
when I wake to the day

Why don't you hum a tune?
Why don't you sing me an old hymn?
A hymn that you know
Let your voice call me
and I'll come runnin' home

It's hard to imagine
my days without you
the ones before my life began
and I'd see the whole world
but it won't settle me
til I have you in my two hands
til I have you in my two hands
Track Name: Where Are You Lover?
Where are you lover?
tonight I lie in bed alone
you hold me like no other
and strengthen every bone

And lately I've been lazy
I get lost standing around
where are you lover?
I know you're begging to be found

where are you lover?
sure you've been sleeping for a while
and I know you must get tired
wearing that same ole smile
where are you lover?

and at times well it's nice
but no one's ever really happy alone
and if no one way is right
how the hell can I keep doing it wrong
you only break when you fall

where are you lover?
they used to come and go with ease
you never thought there'd be another
that could bring you to your knees
where are you lover?

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